3 Areas Of Focus That Took Our Client From 

$200k/mo To $2.1MM/mo In Under 90 Days!


Do you know how close you could be to making $20,000,000 a year?

For one of our clients, it happened in less than 12 weeks...
It’s kinda crazy when we think about it...

(Check out the photo below of me accepting the bonafide award on stage at FHL 2020 for doing over $20 million our first year, in ONE funnel!)
For the last 10 years, we’ve had a clinical obsession with direct-response marketing and have slowly built up an arsenal of carefully selected strategies and systems that have proven to work at the 6, 7 and even 8 figure level...

An arsenal that we let loose on our clients business that was already doing quite well, but needed something “extra” to get to the next level...

By now you may already know that growth isn’t always linear, and in our clients case that was definitely true…

They both went from working full-time jobs to running a $200,000 per month online business in less than 2 years, which is quite an accomplishment.

But they didn’t want to stop there…

They knew how big the opportunity in their market was getting at the end of 2018 and wanted to capitalize on their success...

“Ramp Up Those Campaigns!!” they told their team.

But they soon hit a wall.

Their spend went up… but their sales barely moved

If you’ve ever met these guys, then you know that they like to move fast and two months of negative growth had them quickly realizing that they needed help to get to the next level

Sure they could have trial and errored their way through it…

But it made much more sense to go on the hunt to find a killer marketing team that could point out where their ship had holes...

January 31st 2019: The day that our clients first met with Neuro Media
It was clear to us from the start that their offer had legs and was walking just fine on it’s own

The goal was to make those legs RUN!

So alongside the team, we started implementing a series of strategies and systems that would take their business from impressive to insane!

Strategies that are woven together with a blend of concrete marketing principles, modern-day tech, and human psychology.

Together we blasted through their glass ceiling and made their business one of the fastest growing online courses of all time.

A height only achieved by the likes of marketers like Sam Ovens, Russell Brunson & Frank Kern.

Below we’ve outlined the 5 areas of their business that we focused on, to take their business from $200k/mo to $2.1MM/mo in under 90 days

The Requirements

Before you can scale a business like this, you need two things going for you…

The first thing you need is a great offer, which without a doubt our clients definitely have.

They have proven results in their industry at a very high level, so their product is great. It works.

If your offer sucks, you will always have trouble growing.

Sure there are examples of people becoming successful with sub-par products, but they’re the exception, not the rule.

The second thing you need is HARD WORK.

Even while making millions of dollars per month, our clients still put in 10-12 hour days to keep their business growing

The “step away and sip cocktails on the beach” dream is only possible AFTER you have all of your plates spinning and are able to pay highly competent people to keep those plates in the air.

If you think you can run a million dollar per month business with a handful of badly paid virtual assistants, you’re in for a tough time.

With that being said… if you have a solid foundation and a great work ethic (which you probably have if you’re reading this), then focusing on these 3 areas of your business is a sure-fire way to double, triple or even 10X your sales in the next few months.

Area Of Focus #1
Funnel Strategy

One of the biggest reasons we see clients struggling to grow is that they have a leak somewhere in their marketing systems that is causing them to lose sales.

So the first thing we do for every business that we work with, is analyse it from front to back.

We run through the sales pages, the ad campaigns, the communication channels...

Every variable that we can find that we know has an impact on the success of their campaign.

We think of it like inspecting the plumbing.

Our speciality is in paid advertising, but if we hook up the water supply before checking the plumbing is fitted properly, we might flood the entire building.

The first thing we check is the high level funnel strategy behind how our client is selling their product.

As you already know, the way we present an offer to our audience is key to how our message is received.

Two identical offers positioned in different ways can have totally different results.

Imagine someone trying to sell you a million dollar house on a cold call… that’d be weird, huh?

How about if they knocked on your front door to sell you a 2 week long mediterranean cruise? Wouldn’t be very effective right?

But present those offers in a different way…

Let’s say as a simple real estate office or a discount cruise website...

and your engagement rate is gonna go way up.

This is where Funnel Strategy comes into play...

Typically business owners need a lot of help in this area, but fortunately for us our clients had already laid the foundations with two solid funnels that we believed could scale with their high ticket programs.

This gave us a massive head start when it came to our method of attack

You see, we have two ways of selling our clients programs:

1) Via an automated webinar


2) Via a high ticket application funnel that leads to a sales call.

The Webinar Funnel

Let’s start with the webinar funnel, that even by itself is a marketers dream...

A combination of our clients magnetic personality, a few tweaks and our highly targeted paid advertising allowed us to hit the 2CC in the first 90 days of working together with that funnel alone.
One of the keys there was to make sure that we weren't pricing ourselves out of the race for ROI.

What a lot of people do is try to drop the price to attract more buyers...

They eat into their margins, and as they scale their margins get so thin that they can no longer pay for more traffic...

Here's the way we fixed that...

What we often see is if someones willing to buy your course for $500, then 80-90% of those same people are willing to buy it at $1000... 

A very successful marketer once said: 

"There's no competitive edge to being the second lowest price in the market" 

We couldn't think of a statement that is more true. 

So we encouraged our client to DOUBLE the price of their course and it almost DOUBLED the amount of money they made the following month...
You might be thinking "what about all those people you lost from putting the price up" 

We simply offered a payment plan for those who couldn't afford the full price, simple.

So if you're having issues with scaling your offer, try bumping up the price... if your offer is good enough people will pay.


When we arrived, the offer the team was most excited about scaling (that made up most of the $2.1MM in revenue generated in April 2019) was actually LOSING money in January.

Our first job was to find out where the problem in that campaign was and fix it as soon as possible!

We came to find that one of the main issues was the people who scheduled appointments weren’t qualified enough to be on the phone in the first place

Time was being wasted on unqualified leads and they weren’t making enough sales to increase ad spend

The solution?

We quickly implemented a qualification measure in the funnel that would stop people from registering for a call if they didn’t meet our criteria

This, coupled with our teams intimate understanding of how to target for quality leads at scale, turned their dying campaign into a money printing machine

ROAS started to grow and we now had a much bigger margin to play with when it came to ramping up the ads.

Here's a few examples of the ROI those campaigns have generated.
As you can see... some of our campaigns have been generating upwards of 500% ROI on 5 and 6 figures of revenue!

Well we're going to dive into the exact qualification measure we put into place to make sure lead quality was at it's highest...

We like to call it the 3D Qualifier Method:

Dollars, Details, Decision…

Here's how we break it down:

Dollars: The main thing we care about when it comes to driving highly targeted leads to a sales team is that the leads are financially qualified for our offer.

You wouldn’t send someone who was on minimum wage to a Lamborghini dealership and expect them to buy… so why would you do it for your business?

We want to be sure that we ask the hard questions when we’re qualifying applicants and one of those questions involved strategically asking our prospect to tell us honestly where they stand with their ability to invest in our products

If they’re above our threshold for what we believe is a reasonable financial position, they pass the “Dollars” test… but if they don’t, they simply won’t be allowed to book a call

Details: After knowing our prospect is financially capable of buying our product, we want to get to the details around if they’re the right fit for what we’re offering…

There’s some situations where your product just isn’t right for someone...

For instance if you’re selling an advanced internet marketing course, you’re going to have a hard time selling it to someone who’s 60 and has never used a computer before… it’s a tough sell.

On the other side of the coin you might have people who would love to buy your products/services but there’s something in the DETAILS that makes it difficult to work with them…

Like if you’re a chiropractor who can’t legally work on people who have serious back injuries…

We filter out these problem cases before they get through to our sales team so that they can focus more on people we can actually serve, than apologising to those that we can’t

Decision: The third thing we focus on is if the person can actually make the final decision to purchase our product.

If there’s a spouse or a business partner that also needs to be educated on our offer, then we make sure to push to get them on the call too…

We have to make them feel sure about our offer… since we all know how difficult some people find relaying information to a third party

You spend all this time strategically designing a script that walks your prospect through each step of the buying process… hitting just the right objection at just the right time... then when it comes time to communicate the information to their partner, they completely butcher it

They bounce around all over the place and end up making the purchase sound completely emotional…

So many deals are lost because it wasn’t the salesman who was communicating the value to the decision maker

We try to avoid this issue at all costs by driving home how important it is for the decision maker to be on the call

And that’s it.

The 3Ds Qualification Method

These 3Ds are all you need to have a robust qualification process that is capable of scale.

Suddenly, the sales team were flooded with high quality calls that were turning into sales at an incredible rate!

and this is where things started to get interesting...

Area Of Focus #2 - 
Paid Advertising

The area of focus that clearly contributed the biggest impact on our clients growth was focusing on scaling their paid advertising. 

The month before we started working with them, they made over $200,000.

Which is awesome, the only downside being the fact that almost half of their sales came from outside of their paid advertising efforts… meaning there wasn’t a way to reliably predict most of their revenue for the coming months.

The ideal situation is where you control the majority of your traffic so that you’re not crossing your fingers that you’re going to make sales every day.

This is where Neuro Media helped out the most.

Up until this point we had only been focusing on "fixing the plumbing", and now that we had plugged their leaks, it was time to test it out with some heavy ammunition...

In March our main goal as a team was to steer heavy into the calls side of the business and scale the amount of team members taking those calls so that we could push our ad spend to new heights.

March 2019 Stats:
By the end of march we had a team of 15 well trained coaches ready to take on a wave of strategy calls... So in those calls came.

1922 of them to be precise.

1922 calls booked with our in-house coaches that lead to a quantum leap in sales for March…

852 Sales...

And in comes our FIRST million dollar month!
We typically scale in phases.

The first of which uses the most powerful AI system in the online marketing world. The Facebook Algorithm.

To many people it’s a black box that shouldn’t be spoken about, but when you truly understand how it works (or work with people who do), the potential is near infinite

Here’s the thing...

The wild west days where traffic was incredibly cheap and the rules were few and far between are over… and now we have to play on Facebook's terms.

The good news is that Facebook will be good to you if you give it what it wants…

It’s quite simple...

Facebook wants the users they put you in-front of, to engage with your content in a positive way…

That means watching your videos, clicking through to your website and actually converting through the various steps of your offer, without feeling the need to report you or exiting Facebook entirely

Most people appreciate the aspect of not getting their ads reported..

But the part that many people forget about is how big of an impact irrelevant ads that don’t interest people have to Facebook as a whole

What do you think happens if someone sees too many irrelevant ads in a row?

I’ll put it more simply than that…

What do you do if you’re continually seeing things that don’t interest you?

If you’re like most normal people, you’re going to get bored and go look for something else to do.

That’s what happens when the news feed gets cluttered with irrelevant ads

People get bored and they leave.

Which is why Facebook penalises you if people aren’t interacting with your posts

They’d much rather make less money, than show ads that are making people spend less time on their site

They have entire departments that focus on improving “time on site”

Zuckerberg is playing the long game… he gets it and if you can understand this one crucial part of advertising on Facebook you’re one step closer to cracking the algorithm

The executable part of this is fairly simple… nail down on your target audience and create relevant contextual ads to put in-front of them

In this situation most people try to be overly broad and target everyone… but when you try to speak to everyone, you end up speaking to no-one…

What we did for our clients business is select audiences that were deep in their world, and referenced the elephant in the room that has slowly been creeping into their industry…

By doing that we created an ad that felt more real to our target audience and gained far more trust than other similar gurus in their industry are getting…

And it worked...

We scaled up fast by finding more and more audiences surrounding their niche to put our ads in front of, and quickly found ourselves spending $20,000+ per day on Facebook alone

This is where we enter phase 2 - Google & Youtube traffic.

Youtube traffic right now shows much lower cost per action than other platforms we’re using at scale, showing massive potential to be the next big wave in paid advertising…

The reason we don't use it from the start however is their targeting is a lot less involved than Facebook, giving us less early options to test meaningfully different audiences.

We also setup intelligent retargeting campaigns that would capture people dropping out at each stage of the funnel

We implemented the “Blanket” method, where we would completely cover the internet with our ads… popping up on every platform that our prospects visited.

We tracked them and knew exactly what they were thinking at each step of the way so that we could place a well timed piece of content in-front of them, at just the right moment to push them further into the buying experience.

The key is context.

If you can communicate with your ads in a way that shows your prospect you care about their specific situation and how they may be thinking or feeling based on what they've seen so far - you will dramatically increase the amount of engagement and response that you get, and our results are proof of that.

We went from $369,000 to $1.049MM in a single bound!

The even better news is that although advertising costs did go up considerably… we stayed in proportion to the previous month in terms of lead quality and cost, so we made 3 times as much PROFIT as the first 30 days!

This is where we really saw the potential of the business...

Area Of Focus #3 
Project Management & Business Systems

With momentum building and money flowing we wanted to keep the growth train going!

But we were starting to hit a wall when it came to our ability to control the chaos.

Overnight the stakes had suddenly gotten so much higher and everyone was feeling the pressure of getting things right.

One of the key areas of the business that would need consistent daily attention as we scaled was on the calls side of the business.

Our sales team would be stretched to capacity each week as we brought on new sales staff and we had to make sure the new guys were properly set up for success.

We worked closely with the head sales manager to figure out what was the fastest and most reliable way to get them to start closing sales from day one.

The decision made was to invest heavily into the build-out of an advanced CRM that would be suitable to scale our sales team. 

We decided on HubSpot.
The great thing about having a CRM is that we could now see from both a high level and granular level where our sales team was having trouble.

We told them to keep notes of the objections they were coming across, the reasons people were giving for wanting to buy and to add people to different columns based on where they were at in the buying cycle.

Before long we were taking the data that we were collecting on our calls and using it to improve everything from our scripts, emails and even our ad content.

We would then give answers for the objections to our new sales staff so that they could overcome obstacles quicker and start closing deals right away.

We saw our DPL (Dollars Per Lead) spike! and it continued to stay high as we started to scale our daily calls above 100 per day.

Unfortunately that's only one system, and the business is made up of MANY systems -
all of which just as important as the next.

The next system that needed attention was our tracking.

We were making changes to live campaigns daily and a single link being typed wrong or a button being broken for a few hours was now a 5 figure blunder!

So it became all the more important that we had our eye on the ball.

The way we did that was to encourage our client to become obsessed with tracking every KPI.

This was the most repetitive piece of the day to day and was mainly focused around collecting data from different login portals...

which for the average business is a logistical NIGHTMARE!

We created training, spreadsheets, more training, SOPs... and still we would have mistakes in our data...

When we were collecting the data ourselves we were fine, but as soon as we passed the task off to VAs things would go wrong.

It was a serious problem, since we needed to use those data points to make decisions on our campaigns, and much time was being spent collecting and organising our data each day.

The issue was that our data was spread out across so many different apps…

Faceook, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Clickfunnels, Webinar Jam, Stripe, Drip...

We already had the data sitting there... we just needed it all in one place.

This is where the team went on the hunt and found the perfect solution…
A dashboard software that would allow us to have all of our data automatically sent to one central location where it could be manipulated and displayed exactly how we wanted it.

This centralized data approach allowed us to instantly identify bottlenecks and ramp up growth, without spending an entire day staring at different websites trying to figure out what’s going on.

As a team we had plugged yet another massive hole in our clients business.

There was just one core hole that we still saw left to be handled...

You see, as things get bigger, they become harder to manage alone. 

You need competent people in the right places to help you take care of things and then you need proper systems in place for everyone to communicate what they're doing and what needs to be done.

When you’re caught up in the whirlwind of the day to day it’s important to move fast to try and get everything you need to get done, done.

But it often leads to you cutting corners to turn things around fast...

Before you know it you need to hire people to help you, but you don’t have anything in place to teach them what to do...

and your cloud folders… well they look like someone carpet bombed them with a thousand files that end in “new NEW new”

You know what i’m talking about…

Now don’t get us wrong, in many cases this is a consequence of moving fast and some might say it’s inevitable with this kind of explosive growth...

but eventually you need to start focusing on how you’re going to approach projects more effectively

There’s this idea that we care about a lot called “Communication Debt”

The part of it that relates here is: When you’re the only person with the knowledge on what to do with a given task or project, you become the person that everybody turns to when they need help…

All of a sudden your time is being eaten away answering questions that could have been addressed through documentation…

You become the companies internal Wikipedia page and you’re constantly getting distracted by team members asking you for information

We had to fix this fast or our management team were going to be spending all of their time helping new team members scrub the decks, rather than focusing on the more important task of guiding the ship.

Now before we get into how we solved this huge issue, let me preface by telling you that this is going to be a very quick overview.

This part could be an entire article of it's own.

The overarching strategy we came up with to fix our communication debt was to get religious about the companies culture around project management.

We got the whole team to start using the same apps to communicate and deliver their projects.

Here's the top four that made the biggest impact:
A project management portal that would allow us to keep track of all the tasks everyone was assigned to day to day

This allowed us to add all the information about a task/project into our project management software, assign it to someone and keep track of all updates around that task in one place.

A screen recording software where we can record a screenshare and send it to someone without having to upload it anywhere… loom automatically does it for you and gives you a shareable link.

It’s far more effective to shoot a 5 minute loom video and share the link, than spend hours back and forth trying to explain something through messages

Whenever it takes more than a sentence or two to explain it… we use loom.

A platform where the whole team could collaborate in words documents and spreadsheets without having to save files to their personal computer. 

We no longer had to wait for someone to get to a computer to send us a file, we already had access to it under our shared drive folders.

Probably our most used app of all, slack allows us to keep track of conversations on different topics unlike any other communication platform. 

It also allowed us to sync with Google Drive and Asana so that we would get updates whenever tasks would be completed and files were uploaded. This is the platform that ties things together.

As you can see we got incredibly serious about our clients business and went above what any typical agency would be willing to do to make sure our client succeeded.

This is what we do for exceptional businesses. We not only run their paid advertising but we act as partners to make sure that every area of the business is optimised for success.

So after all that work... what happened?

We near enough DOUBLED revenue AGAIN!

$2,069,169.50 in sales the THIRD month of working with out client.

We also saw our AVG earning per customer increase by 15% from our unrelenting pursuit of improvement... which at this scale resulted in over $300,000 in additional revenue generated from our efforts! (far more than the ENTIRE months revenue in January alone!)

So let's just put this into perspective real quick. 

We doubled sales in the first month!

TRIPLED sales in the second month!

then DOUBLED sales again in the third month of working together!!

From just a successful online business to INDUSTRY TOPPING levels in under 90 days.


There was a lot of work from everyone involved to grow our clients business as fast as we did…

Multiplying a 7-figure business by 10X is no small feat… and one of the core reasons we were able to do it was how fast the team was willing to implement new ideas.
We’ve seen a lot of businesses waste weeks throwing ideas back and forth without any real change being made, but our clients were the complete opposite.

It’s important to get things right, but imperfect action will beat perfect inaction every time.

Our most successful clients across the board have been those that are willing to move FAST and put in the work, and the team were exceptional in these areas.

We’re searching for our next DREAM clients…

If you don’t have the ability to follow through on our advice, we simply can’t help you grow.

However, if you’re willing to put in the work like our client did, we know that we can help you scale your business, automate your busy work, and generate more profits than you’ve ever managed on your own.

We just ask that you fill out a short application first.

When you create multi-million dollar businesses, you get a lot of people asking for your help, but most of those people simply aren’t ready for our level of growth.

So do us a small favor.

Fill out the short application, and be honest.

If we think you have the potential to grow rapidly and make the most of our marketing expertise, we’ll jump on a quick call with you.

One more request:

We love sharing success stories like our clients. Going from $200,000/month to over $2,100,000/month is a huge success, and we’re proud of it.

So if you do become one of our clients, we simply ask that you let us share your success story, too.

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